Looking for an appraiser in the Santa Barbara, Ventura County or Los Angeles area?
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When you’re looking for a real estate appraiser in the Ventura, Santa Barbara, or Los Angeles area, your search should start and end here.  West Coast Appraisal Group appraises real estate in the metro Los Angeles area, and we are also property appraisers throughout Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara Counties.  Los Angeles home values are unique, and you need a local appraiser with experience completing appraisals in Los Angeles County and surrounding areas.

Who should choose us to serve their real estate appraisal needs?

  • Credit unions and lenders in and near Ventura county:
    We are experts in providing mortgage appraisals on real estate in the Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Ventura County area.  We perform full residential appraisals on Fannie Mae form 1004, drive-bys with exterior photos, interior inspections, single family, multi-family, condo, manufactured housing, HUD/FHA appraisals, purchased properties, or refinancing.
  • REALTORS® and real estate agents:
    We offer pre-listing appraisal services in metro Los Angeles, as well as a full range of appraisal services to support your clients’ home buying or home selling needs.
  • FSBOs, home sellers and homeowners:
    A listing appraisal can be a powerful tool for a for-sale-by-owner home seller.  And give yourself peace of mind that your largest investment — your Southern California real estate — is really worth what you think it is by obtaining a professional appraisal.
  • CPAs and Attorneys:
    Whether it's estate planning, a divorce settlement, expert witness or a retroactive "date of death" valuation, West Coast Appraisal Group can provide a reliable, defensible appraisal reported in a special format developed especially for non-lending purposes.

If your needs include a professional, prompt, accurate real estate appraisal, contact us or order online to get started today.

We perform appraisals and appraisal services in the following areas:

  • Los Angeles County real estate
  • Ventura County real estate
  • Santa Barbara County real estate


West Coast Appraisal Group is U.S. military veteran owned and operated.

Discounts offered for active duty/retired military, active law enforcement, and active firefighter borrowers.

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